I was born in Bristol to a wonderful loving family in 1992. Growing up my acne and glasses didn't exactly scream beauty queen! & I would have rather spent my weekends playing Xbox than going out. But I was always determined to change my stars.

At 15 I was scouted by a wonderful woman named Kate Marshall, who saw talent in me and helped me start my modelling career. This started off with small local jobs but soon offers from bigger agencies in london came along. And I started to believe that modelling could actually be a career for me. However I also had a very opinionated, fascinated mind that wanted to be more than a living coat hanger - and that's how pageants got my attention. I met a 'Miss' for the first time during a fashion show and although at 16 I was too young to enter I decided I wanted I was going to be the next Miss Bristol - I loved how pageants were about the person, not the products. And encouraged involvement in charity work, and conscious action to make the world a better place. And you could be anyone from any background to enter.

Needless to say the rest is history. I won Miss Bristol and spent the next few years travelling all around the world with pageants doing all sorts of amazing things that made me feel like I was floating on air most days. One of which was a tour with Russell Brand doing vox pops presenting during this I got scouted for a new sky show called Signed by Katie Price. Out of 10,000 entrants I ended up winning and experienced mass media attention for the first time. However I wanted to be my own person and I felt being the protege of someone else didn't really suit me and I soon went back to pageants and accomplished by big title win of Miss Universe Great Britain and then the most successful British contestant in history at Miss Universe. TV came along again when I was offered to take part in ITV's 'I'm a celebrity...Get me out of here' 13 million viewers a night watched me experience the trials and dramas of the jungle! So my life dramatically changed. I found mass fame quite overwhelming, and decided to move to the USA so I could focus on my presenting career something I loved doing more and more. I was lucky enough to land a job co presenting on an American music channel Fuse and then afterwards I hosted a TV series called 'Every Single Step' with Nigel Lythgoe and Brain Friedman.

My career and life in the US was incredible but I decided to move back because of my long distance relationship with my partner who still lived in the UK. Soon after getting back I took part in my next show for Channel 4 - 'The Jump'. A dangerous winter sports show. As a mad skier, I was in my element! And ended up being the winning female of the series.

My partner and I decided to fulfil our dream of travelling the world and took off from life to live off the grid. We moved to back to London, and became engaged. And welcomed our beautiful daughter Demelza in 2020 shortly before the world turned upside down! During lockdown, I found nature once again and realised living the fast life in London wasn't for me anymore and we plan to eventually base ourselves in Spain. In the meantime I've continued to have an incredibly blessed career that I could fulfil from anywhere in the world due to social media and I'm so excited for what's next! My life long inspiration for charity work has always been my brother Ross, I am a proud ambassador for

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